August 26, 2011

wedding time.

you'd think i were the bride or something since it's far past midnight and i can't sleep. i am SO excited for one of my best friends weddings today!! its going to be a fun filled day, watching her come out the the Temple after she gets married, taking lots and lots of pictures, going to the luncheon, then running home to get ready again, go to my makeup appointment, then go to the reception venue for pictures and dance the night away at the reception! i am just so happy for her. she is going to be a beautiful bride. i can't wait to post snap shots i get of the day! it's funny as each of my friends have gotten married the day before i gather all of these thoughts and memories of that person. and just have a fun time remembering when we first met. or how we became friends. our good times. our inside jokes. the hard times. when we've cried. or laughed. just about everything. its like a flashback of our friendship. weird i know. but it's fun to think of it all, really it is. i am a person of the past. even though i try to live in the present. i just love the past. because it has made me who i am. built my foundation. and made me stronger. i wish i had the time or energy to scan some funny old pictures over. but i am too lazy to move out of my bed. so i will grab some from Facebook. but i am thankful for miss Kaylie and her friendship over the years. we met the summer before our sophomore year. we have had nothing but good times. and more to come. we are always on the same page. i know i will always be laughing when I'm around her. we share a passion for dance. she is so loving. so forgiving. patient. humble. talented and so beautiful inside and out. maybe one day i will convince her to start a blog, so you can know her too! anyhow enough night/early morning ramblings. time to sleep. and please pray i don't forget the bouquet!

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Mari said...

You ladies are so cute! I hope you have a the time of your lives.


-La Copine



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