August 22, 2011

week thirty-four

this week my goal is to
start and finish 
harry potter 7!
(then watch both movies!)

happy monday!


Connor and Shayla Egan said...

Love that goal!! You can't go wrong with Harry Potter!

Samantha said...


Kate and Matt said...

AGREED!! i heart harry!

Ashley Sloan said...

Um I'd say those are great goals haha. I LOVE HARRY POTTER! I went to the Wizarding World oF HP this summer and it was fun but my husband refuses to watch them... sad!

Ashley from Sloanbook

Ashley Slater said...

do it! I am such a huge potter fan!

and p.s. I am thinking of doing a hair tutorial soon-- I just have to get my husband to take pictures for me! But I can go ahead and give you my biggest secret: don't was your hair except maybe twice a week! seriously! it does wonders!



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