September 12, 2011


just got home from work and i think I'm getting sick.
all i want to do right now is lay in bed and watch a movie.
and read blogs.
is that so bad?
instead i will watch my online class videos.
and learn to be artsy. its just been a long day.

oh, and i missed bachelor pad.

but I've got priorities.
don't you love acting all grown up??

nighty night.


Samantha said...

drink orange juice! sorry you're getting sick. let me know if you need anything

Rissy said...

reading blogs and watching a movie is totally a prescription for feeling better!

and my white shirt was 6 bucks at old navy! dun dunnadu.. Super Shopper! haha

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

Booo. I say be a little bad and watch a movie, instead. I mean, heck, you already sacrificed by missing Bachelor Pad last night, right?

p.s. there was some major dram on that finale! Hope you can watch it online or something. ;)


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