October 9, 2011

41 years

Happy 41st anniversary to my parents!!! I love them so so much. Aren't they so dang cute? I made them do a little photo shoot with me this afternoon. We snapped a few. I even got my dad to smile :) I am so happy that they are my parents. I am so blessed!

I love that my dad still opens the door for my mom, takes her on a dinner date once a week, and I love hearing them laugh. It's so cute.They are pretty cool and I couldn't image life with out them. Thanks for your love and support through everything Mom and Dad. You mean the world to me.
 I'm so glad I'm your baby girl.


Ashley said...

Aww! Happy Anniversary to your parents!

Stephanie said...

YOUR PARENTS ARE TOO CUTE!!!! My parents just celebrated their 35th and I blogged about it too! It's so much fun to see how they were then and now! :)

Hope you had a great weekend! XOXO, Stephanie @ Blonde Highlights

Samantha said...

that's a great picture of them! love it!


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