October 25, 2011

the birthday girl.

happy birthday sammers!!!

I'll never forget the time we crashed on a tandem bike, our first deep conversation in n74, the time we stopped to see what the landmark was, the time we went on a picnic, the time we listened to the neighbors through the wall with cups, the time we went ice skating, the first time we met, my many trips to Logan to visit you, our many target adventures,the many late night conversations on one of our beds, the many times one of us was going through a hard time and we were always there for each other, the time we played in the Noyes building with Dan, Easter egg hunts with Ky Ky, our dinner and movie dates, laughing so hard that we both start crying. I'll never forget the first time I saw you cry (yes you were like Cameron Diaz on the holiday;)), or the time we went camping with Brady, sleepovers in the family room, or the many times we send picture messages asking "guess what I'm doing?", or the time that Al gore got mad and that's when scary pig face is funny. I'll never forget when we got lost when we were going hiking, going on an adventure to wales, or being nerds and blogging together.

I love that we get each other. I love that you hate when I tell you "BTI" I love that you love the office, Weezer and The Beatles. I love how hilarious you are when it's least expected. I love that you're a white. I love that you are so strong. You follow your heart. You go after your dreams. You never give up. Thanks for being such a wonderful example in my life.And I love that you're as sweet as they come. But most of all I love that you're one of my best friends.

May your birthday be just as wonderful as you are!!!
Everyone head over and say hello to Sam.
She's pretty dang cool. Oh, and tell her

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Samantha said...

ash you're gonna make me cry. you are so sweet! love you!


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