October 23, 2011

fall break 2011

Highlights of my fall break:
-shopping in Park City
-castle of chaos haunted house 
-Texas roadhouse
-3 amazing photo sessions, you can see here, here, and here!
-2 days off of work
-skyping with my friend that lives in Indiana
-not doing homework
-chilling at deer creek reservoir
-studying this talk for my lesson in church
-watching a scary movie
-lunch date with the sis
-going up to Sundance
-catching up on TV shows
-late night chats with my mama

It was a busy busy weekend but still so fun and chill which was much needed! I heart Park City. I could so live there. It's so cute, quaint, and has great shopping ;) Now here goes the count down til Thanksgiving Break!  Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

PS: What should I be for Halloween?? 


Rissy said...

shopping and yummy food with great friends?! who could ask for a better break... looks like you had tons of fun!


Samantha said...

that food looks so good that you ate with tate! yum.

Ashley said...

Your fall break looks amazing!! I'm so jealous! These pictures make it seem like the best time. Who doesn't love lots of food and friends?! I agree with Rissy!

Ashley from Sloanbook said...

I have no clue what I want to be for Halloween either!!! Good luck! And what a fun week/end! I have been to Dairy Keen too!!! After snowboarding at Park City!!!!

Sara said...

Great pictures it looks like you had an amazing fall break!

by the way LOVE your scarf!!

Paige Andy said...

Wait...you know Dairy Keen?? LOVE IT.

Caitlyn Andrus said...

I LOVED this weekend! I can't decide what was the best part?!?! Thank you ash for such a great birthday :)

PS we do need to find you a halloween costume asap!


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