October 2, 2011

the one where i received an award

I hope that everyone has had a lovely weekend. Sometimes I feel like I live for the weekends. Its go go go all week and even though sometimes I don't get that big of a weekend it still is nice that it's a "weekend". If you get what I mean.. if not, just smile nod your head :) You know you're getting "old" when all you want to do on your free time is .. nothing. ha. In fact to end my night by having a  bowl of cheerios, painting my nails, and catching up Grey's.

Now onto bigger and better things...

Miss Megan gave me a blogger award! YAY! Thanks girl.

Rule #1: Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them!
Done and Done.

Rule #2: Share seven things about yourself.

1. Even though I am right handed, I drink with my left hand. I also eat ice cream with a fork.

2. I am the youngest of seven kids. YAY for big families :)

3. I don't sleep with sheets. I hate them. I just have my down comforter. It's just so much easier to make the bed (don't worry I DO have a fitted sheet on my bed)

4. I've written two songs. but never shared them with anyone. PS key word WRITTEN. I don't sing, that's why I danced.

5. I am over the top into details. It's sometimes ridiculous..my friends tease me that when they're telling me a story they have to tell the Ashley version just so I won't ask so many questions. ha.

6. I love to get pedicures. I pretty much never paint my own toes. It's bad. But hey! Every girl needs her alone time right??

7. I like to watch movies with the lights on. Not really sure where this came from.. weird. But, it's ME.

Rule #3: Pass the award onto up to 15 bloggers that you have recently discovered or just love:

Sam @ Sam in Real Life
Heather @ Life of a Passeri
Elise @ Elise's Pieces
Carissa @ Carissa Explains It All

Rule #4: Contact those bloggers and share with them the great news!

Nighty. Night.


elise said...

Wow, thanks dear! You're great!!

Rissy said...

thanks so much for passing this on to me!

and I think ice cream with a fork sounds like an awesome idea... makes it last longer right? ; )

Samantha said...

thanks ash :) i can't freakin wait until wednesday because i am craving yogurt land like no other.


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