October 12, 2011

it's the little things..

sometimes i like to go on adventures.
to an unknown destination.
and have some quality time with my camera.

lately i have been feeling a little.. okay maybe a lot overwhelmed with life.
that i have forgot to do those things that i love the most. cooking, dancing, taking pictures randomly, being in nature.. oh the list could go on and on. so i picked one of these and went on a little adventure. 

if you too have forget to do one of the little things you love. i challenge you to all go do something this week. something that you have PASSION about. something that makes you feel like you. something relaxing. enjoyable. and happy. i promise, you'll feel like a new person once you do. it will bring a little piece of you back. and put a smile on your face.

PS. who knew Utah lake could be SO beautiful??


{sArAh} said...

okay don't hate me but i am totally stealing this! you have inspired me haha!! Love you

Katie's Bliss said...

Such beautful photos! Makes me wish for the warm weather to stay :)



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