November 16, 2011

my phone lately

Thank goodness for cell phones!
I have been such a slacker in the picture department lately. 

Recent Highlights:
-I am almost caught up with editing! yay!
-I put away my clean laundry RIGHT after I washed it. This is a miracle folks!
-Painting in the art studio. 
-Getting together with old neighbors
-Lazy weekend with Kati Jo.

Recent obsessions:
-Jolly ranchers
-Mountain dew
-The o.c.
-Kelly Clarkson's new CD

What are some of your recent obsessions? 
Please say one of you is just as obsessed with Revenge as I am??   Last night when I got home I checked my email before going to bed and found out that I got an A- on my huge test! Eeeek. YAY!!! I love when studying my boot-ay off pays off :) I was pretty excited. I made it my Facebook status and of course my old good guy friend from my Sophomore year of college comments and says " that's an asian F" Ha. Looks like I better work a little harder next time huh??? 


Connie said...

Looks like fun times! And oh my gosh that is too funny/tragic about the test! :p

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

I am so thankful for phones, too! They always seem to be handy, even when my big ol' camera isn't. You are so so so cute....always. & YES I am mega obsessed with Revenge! I LOVE THAT SHOW!!!! I am one episode behind...but I hope to watch it tonight! :D


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