November 22, 2011


hi friends.
slacker ashley here.
i promise i am alive.
i have fun things to blog about. 
i don't know if i just have writers block, not making the time, too busy or just what my problem is.
just know i miss reading all of your bloggies.
 i admit i have 1000+ posts in my reader.
 i also admit i am tempted to just click 'mark all as read' and have a fresh start. 
i admit i skipped class today to sleep in and work on homework.
{started my 'thanksgiving break' early}
i also let my hair air dry. and that up there is the result. 
i am so checked out of school mode but need to plug along for a few more weeks. 
i bought a gym pass today for super duper cheap. 
can't wait for a new schedule soon. 
and i think that's all for today.

oh, PS i guess my next post better be special or something?


Liesl said...

You are too cute! Fun post and know that you are allowed to slack from time to time! :)

Liesl :)

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

Hiiiiii! I think it's best to just erase the reader and start fresh...we all do it. ;)

Rissy said...

999!!!! that's amazing.

sometimes it's ok to just delete all your blog emails.. real life wins lol


TheShippenFamily said...

I have had writers block with my blog for the past few months. How about you come write mine and I will write yours!! Love the hair, looks super cute.

brlracincwgrl said...

If your hair looks that cute when just air dried you are one lucky woman! :).

Sometimes we just need to be slackers, it's okay!

Sara said...

Love the hair!! I wish mine could look that cute with no effort!


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