December 22, 2011

5th annual drill reunion

every year i plan a get together with the girls i danced with in high school. we have dinner and watch our drill {dance} videos. it's the best of times. we have SO many memories.the good. the bad. the funny. reminiscing of football games, basketball games competitions, early morning practices, running, the makeup, the costumes, drill camp, our coaches, boys, the glitter in our hair, or the time my shoe fell off during a competition. {that is a story for a different day, ha!}

love my time with these girls. i love how even five years later we can just laugh about everything. we were so close because we went through so much together. something about being on a team with someone you have such an awesome relationship and friendship with them, you understand them, and love them no matter what. 

and for your viewing pleasure. us back in the day! can you find me??
maybe one day i'll post a dance video for ya'll.

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