December 28, 2011

back to december

okay, let's go back to december. i feel like there are so many things i never blogged about.
 so here are some random fun things i have done in pictures!

work baby shower for katie, watching my sissy cook, cute notes from my niece, running into jeffie on campus, studying, cute puppy at work, & din din with chel and jeffie.

this pretty much sums up the weekend before finals week.
me and miss sam at the lib.

chel and i headed up to temple square to see the production 'savior of the world' i loved it so much. it was a great way to start off the Christmas season. it was great seeing the nativity story from a different perspective. afterward we walked around to see the beautiful lights at temple square and then got dessert at the gardens. {which is a cute restaurant that looks over the city and temple}
then naturally we got lost going back to our car. but had fun in the mean time.

me and my beautiful cousins at my uncles wedding! had some fun times. love seeing them. and reminiscing about the good old days:)

caitlyn and i went to spark one night. {and i still crave their chips and guac, i think its time to go back!},two of my 2d projects, me and chel in slc, me and tate,  & church time! 

lesson learned from this night: always be friends with your cool friends from junior high. cathy, tasha, em and i got together one night and it was a riot! the random combination of us four makes for a great time! we got hot chocolate and cupcakes and caught up!

i honestly don't know where this month has gone! i was so busy/ which i loved, but i was sad to not keep up with blogging. i guess this will just have to do. sometimes i'm not sure how i fit everything into my schedule but somehow it all did. and somehow i managed to get good grades, have someone of a social life, and work full time. i must be magic or something? finals week i totally pulled an all nighter and was up for 40+ hours. i really am getting old because i was DYING. i don't know how i used to pull all nighters.. anyhow..

 that sums up my life before the holiday!

ps don't forget about this 


brlracincwgrl said...

Looks like you had a wonderful December! :). I can't believe the new year is ALMOST here!

Kati Jo said...

FUN!!!! Uh I don't think we saw each other at all in December.....SAD :(


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