December 15, 2011

regrets or mistakes they were memories made.

finals are over.
i am a happy girl.

this was one of my final projects. we had to take a song that means a lot to us. that describes something we have been through. i chose this song because it always rings true to me. then i created this composition. i titled it, "regrets or mistakes they were memories made". that is my favorite line in the song. because no matter what we have gone through they are all memories. we need to remember the good things. even though sometimes it is hard to remember the good things, and hope for those in the i faded out his face. shes touching him because she wants "someone like him". there is a brick wall layered on because the "time flies, and yesterday was the time of their lives"  but in the end she wants nothing but the best for him. i put part of the lyrics across as well because those and inscribed in her. and the double layer shows the past and those engraved memories.

please take a listen & look.
 & tell me what ya think of my piece!



Megan said...


AllyM said...

I love love love this song. could be a lifelong favorite.


Anonymous said...

Love the song, love the piece! Beautiful job!

Xo. Nicole

Samantha said...

love it!

Bonnie said...

I think a lot of people relate to this song, which is what makes it so magical.
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