January 6, 2012

in front of the lens.

first off can i just say that i'm super happy that it's friday? and that i'm happy because the weather feels like spring? what the utah.. this has been a wonderful week of work and play. it was so great just to work the past few weeks & not have school.  i have a lot of fun things i did that i need to post about from this week because i booked the week full of friends and fun to end my break. yesterday one of my besties and i had a little photo shoot. i can't wait to share more! i am SO picky. ask her. i definitely like being behind the camera better. i was so pleased & so excited about the pictures she took of me.  thank you girls for your input about which glasses i should order. i finally decided and i am going to get the 'winston'. i feel like they fit me best. oh, and i'm obsessed with my new infinity scarf. love. love. love. that's all. have a fabo weekend friends!

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Kati Jo said...

Infinity scarves are my best friend!!! Wear them ALL the time!!! I have like 5 :) Love ya!!!


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