February 28, 2012

really tho?

at the lib.
drinking my smart water.
in a study room.
in walks a girl.
tells me she has the study room reserved.
{in a bratty voice}
NBD i kindly start packing my stuff up.
then she tells me its for a sorority and that they're having a party.
she brings in balloons and food..

umm really tho?.. boo.
 isn't this place for studying??
i was a little upset.
now, back to studying..


Emily said...

I hate it when I go into a study room and someone comes in and says they have the room reserved. I feel like they "won" or something, haha! One time, I was studying in the computer lab at my school and like 15 girls from the same sorority came in and started talking and laughing super loud and I couldn't focus anymore, it was really frustrating! Hope you found somewhere else to go!

Paul McCormick said...

As a past-tutor, that pisses me off. I cannot tell you how many times I searched on that stupid database for an open room to hold groups in, and what were some of them being used for? Stupid Sorority parties... just creams my corn.


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