February 2, 2012

mail time!

i've always wanted to participate in a blogger gift exchange so i jumped at the chance when i read about it on Alycia's blog. i had so much fun shopping for Laura!! it has been fun getting to know her through her blog and email. she is so sweet! i love the little blogging community. i am jealous that Laura lives in a small town. she has a darling love story and has the cutest little boy! you can tell she is so nice and caring,  i LOVE love love the gifts she got me. my nails are painted and I wore the green tights today :) something about getting mail just made me so happy! 
ps. my tights are probably my new best friend. i think i may just have to go get more colors!! 

thanks so much Laura for the fabulous green gifts!
i am glad we are new blog friends!


Makaila said...

What a great nail color!! It's so fun to get a package in the mail, isn't it? Come see what my party partner sent me! :)


eryka {from abcde} said...

So cute! I love those tights!


Laura Ashley said...

I am SO glad you liked the gifts...you were such fun to shop for! You have inspired me to buy more green, and I love your style! I am now a follower, and can't wait to continue reading your blog posts!

Courtney B said...

LOVE the matching tights and polish! I wanted to sign up for the swap so badly, especially since my SIL hosted it.... but we just moved and I didn't know what address we'd ve at when it was time to sign up :(
P.s. that picture above? SO adorable! I'm totally voting!

Kati Jo said...

I have that same nail color and I love it!!!!!!


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