February 19, 2012

movie talk 101

let's first start off with 
okay, not going to lie i can't even count how many times i watched the trailer for this movie. what can i say i'm a hopeless romantic who loves a good chick flick. i think i walked into the movie with a little too high of expectations. i mean let's be real. i don't think any movie will ever surpass my love for THE NOTEBOOK. i hold it on a bit of a high pedestal. i did like it. but i think i just went in with the wrong expectations. it was super cute. a romantic story. i felt so sad for channing's character the entire movie. but i love that it was based off of a true story. when it ended i was like, "wait! it's over?" but i did like it. i think i need to see it again. the more i think about it i really did like it. 

all in all i don't they could have picked two better people to play the roles of the characters. 
channing is perfect. also, i loved all of rachel mcadams hair styles through out the movie.

next up..
okay, hilarious. 
first off, i always have loved reese. and chris pine & tom hardy are hotties.
i don't think i have laughed that hard in a romantic comedy in a long long time. the whole movie i couldn't decide who i wanted her to end up with. but i loved the way it ended. it was just a fun action//romantic//comedy. you must see.

did you see either of these movies?
what did you think of them?

PS head over to miss gentri's blog and see some photos i snapped of her.
more to come on my photography blog soon! 


Gentri said...

I haven't seen either of these. I haven't seen a movie since Christmas and before that, the last time I'd seen one was Summer. :P

Love the photos!!

Victoria said...

I saw both!! They were the last two movies I have seen! I cried like a baby during The Vow, it was amazing! Like boohooing and the whole works! And I saw This Means War last night. Again, amazing! There are so many wonderful movies coming out! I am s u p e r excited to be your newest follower!
Have a fun Monday (:
Biggest love,
Victoria from Unlock Your World


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