February 16, 2012

on my mind

let's talk clothes.

okay, so the other week i went on a date last minute {we were supposed to go out the following day} and so i frantically ran home from the gym showered and had NO clue what to wear. which brings me to this question? how do you get dressed for a date? do you always have that go-to outfit? or do you try on every item in your closet until you find that perfect outfit?  do you go straight to your black section because that's what's slimming? or do you pick something you have already worn that week that was a cute outfit? 
being me, i usually have a few go-to outfits or i typically have an outfit planned out all week for the date but  but since i was a slacker that week my go-to pieces were in the laundry basket. hence why i had a freak out. ha!  i used to be that girl if i had a date coming up i would typically head to the mall to find a cute new shirt. but since i am trying to save some mu-la and it was so last minute- i shopped out of my closet. 
since that night i have been thinking how does everyone else decide what to wear for an outing or date when it's last minute? oh, and in case you wanted to know what i ended up wearing it was skinny jeans, simple brown knit tee, brown 3/4 cardi, scarf, and knee high flat boots!

so friends, how do you decide upon your outfit???
please share your tips!


Samantha said...

and you looked super cute :)

Tiffany said...

well I'm not dating anymore, but when I'm going out and want to look good I usually try on tons of pieces throw them all over the floor and end up in the same old "go to" items. LOL I think it's what we all do.

andrea brionne said...

I always have my cute go to outfits, like favorite shirts and dark jeans. With winter right now it's easy to bundle up with a warm jacket and cute scarf and my Steve madden boots and that always works for me!


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