February 10, 2012

a pedi, lunch date, birthday kind of a week

how do you make gifs

this is why my week rocked:

-lunch dates with the sis 
-pedis after work with the girls.. and i love my cheesy valentines toesies.
-i was domestic this week and attempted to make a birthday cake. not too shabby eh?
-late night chats with eryka always have me laughing.
-this week i remembered why i love charades
-my bangs are totally growing on me
-red mango will always have my heart
-remembering that the power of prayer is amazing
-four hour naps are appropriate
-institute with my best friends
-remembering how blessed i am
-phone chats with sam
-reading about my blog swap, you can read it here
-listening to this song a million times
-remembering that attitude is everything

okay ladies, anyone else going to THE VOW tonight???
i am. and i cannot wait. i have been waiting patiently for months.
all i can say is it better not let me down.
i have very high expectations. 
all i can say though is whoever decided to put channing tatum and 
rachel mcadams in the same movie is pure genies i tell you!

have a wonderful weekend :)

1 comment

Amy Lynn said...

i have an idea. let's play soon so that i can appear on one of your week recaps! deal?!

also, i am sooo excited for the vow. i have to work late tonight so i can't go see it until tomorrow afternoon but i really really hope it doesn't let me down. with channing tatum and rachel mcadams, i'm not sure it will. love :)


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