February 29, 2012


1-your view today: din din @ one of my fave mexican places
2-words: art history notes
3-hands: mi madres hands
4-a stranger: some dude in a car
5- 10 am: my room
6-dinner: penne rosa from noodles
7-button: my purple cardigan
8-sun: the drive to work
9-front door: home sweet home
10-self portrait:moi
11-makes you happy: me and sams mustaches
12-inside your closet: yes, i color coordinate.
13-blue: my scissors
14-heart: cookie that a lady makes every year for my family, so good!
15-something new: these pretty earrings
16-phone: ghetto!

17-time: the kitchen clock
18-drink: apple juice.
19-something you hate to do: putting away laundry
20-handwriting: my planner
21-a fave photo of you: me as a 3 1/2 year old
22-where you work: good old pmi
23-your shoes: tom tom tom toms
24-inside your bathroom cabinet: lots of towels
25-green: my exit!
26-night: outside my house
27-something you ate: magelbys salad. yummm.
28-money: dolla dolla bill yo!
29-something you're listening to: the temper trap

i had a lot of fun doing this challenge and it pushed me to not take pictures of just people, but THINGS. 

can't wait to share with you what challenge i will be taking on in the month of march!


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