February 17, 2012

the time i cheated on harry.

yes, i know i think i have the worst immune system ever. it's time i start taking a multi-vitamin or something? i had started to get a cold at the beginning of the week and it has progressively got worse. today i took off work so i could rest and hopefully get better. i feel worse than i did yesterday but hopefully (crossing my fingers) i can start to feel better over the weekend. so what have i been doing besides sleeping?

+how i met your mother marathon
+cheating on harry potter (whom i left at work) and started the hunger games
+ drinking jamba juice
+wrote a letter to my friend who's on her mission (who i met through blogging)
+keeping up on my meds
+editing pictures
+going through boxes of kleenex's
+facebook stalking
+and more how i met your mother watching

whats your favorite non sleeping activity to do while you're sick?

ps on a happy note, my birthday is in five months! woot woot.


Courtney B said...

Multi vitamin AND vitamin C are staples in my everyday diet! And I rarely get sick.

Tiffany said...

My favorite sick day activity is taking baths and watching Meg Ryan movies. Also, if I have enough energy I will sometimes clean door handles and stuff to try to save other ppl from my germs.

Samantha said...

HIMYM = legend . . . wait for it . . .dary!


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