February 15, 2012

weekly link up: your favorite picture

this weeks topic is:

Your favorite picture and why?

It can be absolutely any picture that makes you happy, a picture you took or that you are in :)

i'm not even going to beat around the bush. i stumbled for hours thinking of what to post. i take so many pictures and am surrounded by pictures that i could probably narrow it down to one picture per month of my life (jk.. but seriously tho!) but i just thought i would share with you ONE of my very favorites

manda & i; april 2006

this is my high school bestie amanda and i up at good ol' squaw peak.
we would go up there all the time with our friends and hang out.
the view is spectacular. it is hands down one of my favorite places. i just love this picture because it reminds me of all the wonderful times back in the day we had.we were so happy and care free. there was no such worries such as money, dating, or what i want to do with my life. all that mattered was what i was doing that friday night. dancing was our life. we ate slept and breathed drill team.
this picture just floods back so many great memories.
and that's when you know its a good picture :)

for those who are new to link up:
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2. then, come back here and link it up at the end of this post as well as go over to eryka's blog and do the same. make sure you link up to both!!

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1 comment

Amanda said...

oh this pic does my heart so much good :) those were the days that I will forever miss! thanks for posting, totally made my day!


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