March 27, 2012

march happenings.

where has this month gone?
is the question i have been asking myself the past few days.

to kick off the month 
i got an iPhone.
best decision in my adult life.
i am in love.
so much better than a boyfriend;)

one night sam and i went to pizza pie cafe, target, and then we probably watched a movie.
i don't remember tho, because that was a long time ago!
typical night? yes.
my favorite type of nights? yes.

and umm sorry i'm too lazy to figure out how to rotate my pictures. sorry!!

things that always make my month better:

-skype dates with anastasia. i miss her.
-city lights
-letters from sister atterton!

oh, and 
i love these.

this is my cute daddy.
i just love him! this was the day he got called as stake president.
he is such a wonderful example to me and i look up to him in so many ways.
i am so thankful for his dedication in the church and his love for our Savior.
he is such a blessing in my life and i couldn't ask for a better father.

 lets talk about saturdays... they are probably my favorite day of the week.
no work. i get to clean (yes, i love to clean). shop. be lazy. watch my shows. water my love fern.
and sometimes i get to play with the nieces and nephews.

 emilee and i went to dinner at pizzeria 712.
get in my belly. hello delicious.
i could eat there everyday.
if you live in utah. go there. you will thank me later.
after we went to a contemporary dance concert at uvu.
i love watching dance with someone who appreciates it.
to end the night we went to maceys and were our dorky self's. love her!
ps. isn't her ring gorgeous? i'm a little obsessed.

sundays at the shippens..

the sister came to town for a short trip and visit.
lots of fam time was spent.
and it was wonderful!

while she was here we went over to grams one night and chatted.
she showed us some amazing pictures of she and my grandpa.

this is they day they were married!
she was only 15!

isn't she a beauty?

and this is the day they got sealed.

i love nothing more than vintage pictures.

and now behold more instagram pics & collages.

-fave band right now
-five guys
-worn out
-the choco's fruit tart
-my bling
-fave time of night
-dropping the sissy off at the airport
-my 365 journal
-me n megs on her bday!
-my moms spinach salad is
-oops did the bling twice. oh well, i like it!
-hippy day
-greys with jeffem

i think its probably unhealthy considering the number of times i have listened to this song.
anyone else in love with it?
 i listen to it on repeat.
shh. don't tell anyone.

sometimes we are weird.
okay, most of the time.

nails, and my ring locket.
 mmmm pretty moon.

i heart j dawgs.

just a lovely friday night.
dropping sammers off at the airport.
texas roadhouse for 4 and games with the friends.
we all couldn't stop laughing at how many boxes there were!!


gno with the marrieds.
a very random rockin friday night.
tate and i decided to get 'educated' and go to the planetarium.
it was seriously SO FUN. we learned lots and went to the "U2" light show.
so awesome.

st. pattys
oh, and i got a boot on my car that night.
lucky? i think not.
the Irish did not like me.

so this one time eryka and i went to city creek and i dropped nail polish. (ha! i felt so bad) and it splattered on a girls pants) and then we got lost in the parking garage. umm yes i am a little blonde sometimes :) needless to say we had a fabo time shopping. and i heart city creek!

i also got to sub a few dance classes for a friend last week. heaven on earth. i loved teaching again! 

i went to the midnight showing of hunger games with chelsea. it was amazing!!!!! the only thing i didn't like was sitting in front of a row of twenty 15 year olds. yikes!

life is good. 
and now even better now that i just played catch up!

and that my friends. was my march so far. 
if you made it through this post, give yourself a pat on the back.
you are a fabulous bloggy friend!!
SEE i was alive...
just ran out of time to post, or something like that!
have a happy day!



MzJessicaxo said...

Ashley! I love this post!
There's so much to read and so many cute photos to look at! Beautiful!

eryka {from abcde} said...

I love! Such a happy post full of pictures!!!

carissav said...

Your blog really makes me want to buy a nice camera. Your pictures are fabulous.

memory said...

What a fun life you have! I love that you take so many pictures, you capture everything. Yay for five guys food and family time :)


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