March 9, 2012

march madness 5-8

its the weekend. hooray! thank the heavens.
this week has just been one of those 'off weeks'.
but i made it through a week of outfits. hello success!
i am excited to do whatever this weekend, get my taxes done, clean, 
take engagements, & just rejuvenate.

what are your big weekend plans?


eryka {from abcde} said...

super cute bff! :)

happy weekend!!!!

Amanda said...

You're so darn cute! I think my fashion goal would be to not wear the same outfit twice in one week haha it's that bad.... Love you

Gentri said...

Plans? What are... plans?? haha! Seriously though, I never have plans. Unless you count cleaning and sitting in my apartment "plans". I miss having friends. haha!


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