April 25, 2012

my addiction.

yesterday was full of goodbyes, frozen yogurt, bbq on the back patio with the rents, clouds in the sky, packing, and good friends. srsly what did i do before IG came along? i really just don't know. i am obsessed. i thought i already took a lot of  pictures, and now i take pictures of just about umm.. anything & everything. i think i have an addiction friends. its all about the little things in life right?

today was full of work, drooling over leo {i may or may not have cried a few times},capri salad, sam time, and kicking booty in rummikub. i love fun days like these that make life so much better :)

also, what is your favorite pandora station? latley i have been digging kelly clarkson, 90's pop, adam levine, usher, & country girl radio.

ps.while watching titanic i decided leo has the cutest nose. ever.

ashley out.

1 comment

Derek and Talia said...

have fun! that salad looks devine.


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