June 7, 2012


dear weekend,

thank you for being here.
 i needed you bad.
 you are going to be full of changes, excitement, and a new chapter in my book.
 i am exited for what is to come. 

 i will be packing my bags and venturing to a new apartment, new roommates, new ward etc.. it will be a great change. i am not so much looking forward to the packing and moving part {good thing its not too far..} but more so when that part is all done. i am looking forward to the organizing and decorating. yes, i do love me some cleaning as well. 

also, it's summerfest. only my favorite thing EVER in the summer. tonight sister and i set out a blanket and chairs aligning orem's center street to save our spot. we will do the whole parade/carnival/firework thing.and i will love every minute of it.

here's to the weekend friends. 
hope yours is just as great! 

ps my bloggy is currently getting a makeover and i couldn't be MORE excited about it.


eryka {from abcde} said...

GIRL! Its soo cute isnt she amazing?! :)

Good luck with the move!!!

Sara Lynn said...

Good luck with the move and all things new! I will be heading down that road June 30th!

Amanda said...

I didn't even know that you lived in an apartment! Holy cow we need to catch up girl!!

Emma Frances said...

Moving is not fun! But, I want to see pictures of your new place once you get it all set up! I'm sure it will look awesome!!


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