July 24, 2012


my birthday was pretty much another day. don't you love that? i did treat myself to a dr. pepper and krispie kreme on my drive to work.. when i got to work my desk was decorated all cute!... then my wonderful sister came and visited and brought me the yummiest homemade cheesecake ever- complete with raspberry sauce... we got chilis at work for my birthday lunch..then that night i went out with my parents to din din and back to their house for a bit then hung out with a friend. i love making birthdays fun.. even when you get a little bit older. i still feel like a 17 year old. i can't wait to see what this year brings for me. i have a lot of goals and expectations set for myself. i love looking back at the past year and what i have accomplished and i hope to do the same for this coming year.
thanks everyone who made my day so special  :)



Jess said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoyed the time with friends and family!

Emma Frances said...

Birthdays are the best! :) And I think ext year the only reason I won't still feel 17 on mine is because I'll have a little baby! So weird! Haha.

Florencece said...

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