August 24, 2012

insta-dump: sometimes edition

and heres to an insta-dump...

sometimes i get super sad when i actually crave chocolate (rarely happens) and i go to the chocolate and it's closed. boo.
sometimes jeffie comes back to utah.
sometimes i sit in parking lots for hours with friends chatting. and those are my favorite nights.
sometimes i buy gold glasses. admit it you like them.
sometimes i talk to co-workers over web cam.
sometimes i actually want fall to be here (NEVER happens) and i crave shopping for boots.
sometimes i wear magnetic nail polish.
sometimes a peach shake is the only thing to make your day better.
sometimes i celebrate fridays early. at tgi fridays.
sometimes i don't go grocery shopping for weeks. and my shelf in the pantry looks sad.
sometimes everyone gives me fresh grown garden veggies. and i love them.
sometimes i make fresh salsa.
sometimes i go to blogger meets ups. and laugh really hard.
sometimes people come into your life when you least expect it. and when you needed them the most.
sometimes i eat outside two nights in a row, outside. and it's my favorite. and i feel like i'm on vacation.
sometimes i actually don't go shopping for over a month. (minus bridesmaid shoes) go me!
sometimes mom makes my favorite dinner and invites me over.
and sometimes i don't blog for a week.
happy weekend friends!
PS get excited for some awesome giveaways i have coming up :)


Megan Perry said...

sometimes i really miss you. ok, more than sometimes. xo

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

sometimes I lust over your awesome wardrobe. You are the cutest, Ash!! Hope you had a happy weekend! xoxo


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