August 12, 2012

my insta life.

from laying out. being sick, wedding extravaganza, shoe shopping, doing make up, lots of friends and PLL, going to the doc, drinking juice, watching lots of movies & coughing my lungs out i'm still alive and STILL trying to get over a nasty viral infection that is probably turning into something else. i was happy to make it through my friends wedding (which was beautiful) and still managed to photograph it all. all i can say is there is nothing worse than having to put on a happy face all day trying to enjoy the day and photograph it with feeling sick. the only good thing i feel like i've been able to get done is catch up in my journal. i have been a slacker as of lately and i forgot how therapeutic it is to write in a journal. thanks to my mama, sis becky, & tate for taking care of me the past week and half. you guys are the best! 

here's to a hopeful week of getting over this stupid thing! 

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