September 1, 2012

{sometimes} my weekly recap.

sometimes we celebrate my daddys #65th birthday by having a bbq.

sometimes i go to target and find cute cowboy boots and buy them.

sometimes i spend all day shooting a wedding and love every minute of it. even though my feet hurt by the end of the night.

sometimes my old roomie comes to visit me and we talk for hours. and not one thing has changed.

sometimes i still obsess over pizzeria 712. okay, not just sometimes. all. the. time.

sometimes the grandkiddos do ladders in the backyard.

sometimes i shoot an engagement session in the library where its dead silent. and all you can hear is them kissing and my camera clicking. awkward much?

sometimes i don't get pedicures for 17 weeks and that's a world record for me. and my nail lady is so beyond excited to see me she says "ashweeee! where you be? it be so long. i miss you. we do fun design today"

sometimes i go to riverwoods and listen to live music, and it's the best part of my weekend.

hope you're all having a lovely labor day weekend! 
stay tuned for the the shabby apple giveaway winner :)


Emma Frances said...

I love what your nail lady said to you. Haha. Good stuff! And I've loved seeing pictures from the wedding shoot and the engagement shoot you did! They are wonderful!!

TheShippenFamily said...

So cute! At first glance I thought that pic was of you and Cody...then I realized it was my own son. Those shippen cousins all look alike:)

eryka {from abcde} said...

You are adorbs. You are so skinny minny! :)

kelsey bang said...

ashley you are so cute! i am so glad we met! also, are you a photographer!!? I had no idea! Thats so neat!

Jeni Q said...

Stumbled across your blog from Livy Love!

Adorable cowboy boots - hope you'll stop by my neck of the woods soon!

Natasha Louise said...

I love that library engagement pic! It's so cute! :D


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