October 29, 2012


beautiful overcast wedding day//old friends//glasses//scarf obsession//greys nights with oreos and the doctor//air dryed hair//girls nights out//pretty sunsets on my drive to work//visits from kati jo//enchilada making//burning bushes at my parents house//boots and leg warmers//broken chairs//birthday parties//visits from bama//365 journal//people water//roomies//leopard skirt obsession//shooting with sammers//new fave app//finca//haunted houses//cleaning days in my fave old shirt//
i love this time of the year where all i wear is boots, leggins, baggy tee's and scarfs. i drink hot chocolate, turn the heater on in my car (sometimes and the a/c in the same day.. hello utah!) i love visiting with old and new friends,making soup and warm meals. don't even worry that i listen to christmas music the other day.. don't judge. i love it. i'm still in shock that i did. i obsess over the fall leaves and how cold it gets. i love fall and even though it only lasts for a little in utah- it has been a beautiful one!

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Les said...

I love these collages. Aaaand I love your blog. Which is why I'm your newest follower. I would love for you to follow me back! leslyni.blogspot.com

Have an awesome day!


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