October 22, 2012

the one where i learned.

what i've learned this weekend:

-blog friends are hilarious to go bowling with (post to come!)
-you are the only one who can make you happy
-nothing more brings me joy then old pictures i forgot about
-packing my lunch at night is the only way i will actually pack it
-when you put your priorities first somehow all the little things still fit in your day
-never lean back in a chair
-i'm getting old because i seriously get tired every evening at 9
-i still listen to my favorite band and know every word
-starbucks at target is the best invention ever
-garth brooks pandora is amazing
-i depend on my planner for everything
-i make bomb enchiladas
-chatting photography with a fellow photographer is pretty much the best


Gentri said...

Love what you learned. :) And you are gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Wait until you become my age.. 9pm will be past your bedtime!! LOL

But I still catch myself going to bed around 11-midnight!

That picture of you is amazing! Pretty eyes!

Kati Schroeder said...

you DO make bomb enchiladas!!!! Love you!!!

Samantha said...

i want to hear the story of how you learned not to lean back in a chair :)

Samantha said...

I want to hear the story of how you learned to not lean back in the chair :)


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