November 13, 2012



i decided to venture out to the great state of texas to visit my sis! i had so much fun with my 3 little nieces. they had grown up so much since the begining of the summer. the night i got in erika and i went out to a mediterranean restaurant that was amazing. on halloween we went to the zoo! the girls were in heaven- and i hadn't been to the zoo in years! it was actually pretty hot and humid. it was awesome to go trick or treating in short sleeves & flip flops. the whole time i was there it was beautiful weather. erika took me to an awesome jewelry shop on harwin street. it was heaven! i got a few cool pieces that i'm in love with. we attempted to go to the blue bell factory and when we got there they said it was closed for the day. so we just enjoyed the yummy ice cream. it was seriously the best ice cream ever! it was so fun to see my sisters everyday life. I loved staying up chatting with erika, playing with the girls, and most of all waking up with the girls in the morning. they are all so adorable and little angels. they had me wrapped around their fingers. i loved watching the twins interact with each other and how silly kara and i would be. they made me laugh the whole time i was out there and made me keep a smile on my face. it was hard to say goodbye and i had to hold back the tears until they drove away. erika said that kara was crying when i left. i am so glad i was able to go visit them and spend time with my sister. she is such a great example to me and i love her to pieces!


eryka {from abcde} said...

I love these photos. Your nieces are too precious!!! I miss your face!! XOXO

Sammantha said...

beautiful! looks like fun :)


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