November 14, 2012

todays ramblings.

-today i wore yellow & feel a little washed out.
-my roots are growing in and look grey.
-blog friends are the best.
-meeting up with miss amanda totally made my day.
-she is the cutest. and umm we be funny. a good time had by all!
- oh, and we be obsessed with snap chat. add me.
-i love my co workers. i could talk to them for days.
-tonight after a photo session i have a date with my cleaning supplies,
 laundry machine, & mop. and i couldn't be more excited. yes, i love to clean.
-tomorrow is my friday. woot! hello long weekend!
-i love finding clothes that i forgot about. win.
-happy hump day!


Amanda Schroeder said...

I adore you! Had SUCH a great time today! You didn't look washed out NOR did your roots look grey. YOu are just too cute.

eryka {from abcde} said...

You girls are soo cute!! Miss you!!

Anonymous said...

GAH! I wanna meet Manda toooooooo!

Katie said...

you girls are so cute!! and I like the yellow scarf!

Helene said...

you're blog is so precious! I love these cute pics!!

Helene in Between


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