December 21, 2012

i'll take it.


i love stupid apps like this. sometimes i really wonder how technology works.. i mean really me and wentworth? ha. but i'll take it. i love me some michael schofield. today actually started to feel like chrstimas. we had a little gift wrapping at work and a little lunch. i think i have eaten more chocolate in the past week then i have this whole year. don't get me wrong i do love chocolate but just not your typically obsessed love love love chocolate girl. i prefer sour patch kids, hot tamales, cinnamon bears etc. this year everyone gave me chocolate and what happens when you stare it it sitting at your desk all day? you eat it. on another note tonight is my families christmas part. it's my favorite because we are all about traditions. we have a swedish smorgasbord. you can read more about what we have here. my dad reads the grand kids the night before christmas, we exchange gifts, read from the bible & sing christmas hymns. it's the most wonderful time of the year!

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eryka {from abcde} said...

mmm wentworth miller. :)



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