January 1, 2013

2012 recap

january was filled with dark hair, bangs, finding my favorite mascara, work, school, lots of art projects, snow, getting my plastic framed glasses, and obsessing over my new lens.
february was full of art history, hunger games, dallen, movie nights, soel blogger meet ups, how i met your mother marathons, and valentines day.

march was all about my kind of march madness aka themed outfit days. it was successful and made me be creative and wear things i normally don't put together. my life was forever changed in march with the purchase of my iPhone:) my car got booted, i met eryka and i visited the planetarium.
april was the sick month, bowling with the nieces, living the the guest bedroom, going back blonde, planning my nyc trip, more of HIMYM, easter, rollerblading,titanic 3d, bachelor nights, & grilled cheese sandwiches.
 bex and i took an amazing trip to the city. we ate like queens, saw the empire state building, moma,walked the brooklyn bridge, went on a food tour,attended three broadway shows (newsies, phatom & memphis) rode the subway, walked until i thought i was going to die, shopped, ate the best cupcakes & cookies, grand central station,bus tour,pedi cab through central park, world trade, people watched and just soaked the city in. the big apple changed my life.
june seems to always be packed with fun! hiking, wedding dress shopping,starwberry pies, canyon drives, chris young concert, weddings, girls nights, birthday parties, fireworks, parades, sisters coming to visit and moving! oh, and i may or may not have spent every second in between playing and working at my pool.
july is always my favorite month because of my favorite holiday ever and my birthday of course. july was spent well with family, bbq's, fireworks, st.george/vegas, laying out and cheesecake for my birthday! this is the month i got hooked on colored skinnies. yes, please!
 august was the month of mint green, maxi skirts, blonde hair,mike,utah lake, baby showers, taking pictures, weddings, city creek,working out,angels, yogurtland,got called to the relief society presidency, and more laying out!
september was full of changes,shoe shopping,girls nights, fires,batting cages, ombre hair, inpsiring talks, games, red lipstick, leaves changing, trials, friends & the canyon.
october=halloween parties, scarfs,soups,blogger bowling,going to idaho to visit courty, my own photoshoot, good things utah,haunted houses & visiting my sister in texas!
visited the beautiful state of georgia to see anastasia, temple trips, thanksgiving, went back to my natural hair color, being grateful, new outlets, hale center theatre, voting, blind dates, watching jazz games,&vampire diaries.
december is always so insane and i loved every minutes of it.
family parties, drill team get togethers, blogger parties, st.george, dance recitals, christmas parties, lots of editing, new years eve, christmas shopping, and ice skating!
if i could break 2012 down into three words they would be airplanes, atonement, & aspire.
airplanes: i was lucky enough to travel a lot this year!
vegas, st.george (three times), texas, georgia & new york.
i had a great time at each of these places. i was able to see so many amazing sites, eat wonderful food (oh, and i think i've turned into a foodie this year) and soak in each location. i literally fel in love with traveling and can't wait to travel in 2013!
atonement: this past year i have gained a deeper appreciation for the continuous atonement of christ. he is so merciful and so loving. his plan is so perfect. he is always there for me and loves me no matter what. i am thankful for my knowledge of this and the strength my faith brings me. 
aspire: i have learned that whatever i aspire to be, i can be that. it takes hard work, faith and sometimes sweat. but i am glad that this year has molded me into who i have aspired to be. sometimes life gets tough but i know if i keep plugging through and remember that whatever i set my mind to i can achieve it.
this year has made me stronger & made me realize what i am grateful for.
 now i am going to close this chapter of life..
goodbye 2012,
hello 2013!

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Anonymous said...

I love your hair as blonde!!!!!!

Looks like you had a great year!!!


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