February 18, 2013

life lately.


//the gang chillin//pf changs//coco bean tea with cart//night out with gracie//shadow puppets//snow shoes//pfs//sick from the rice//jase//birchbox//heaven//feathers//v-day//p90x-juice day//pedis//mayra// cabin//sweet tooth fairy//love coming home to my ventana family//just bows and buns//valentines breakfast//ward stare//turtle//v-day gifts//este pizzeria!//sale shopping with m//nordstrom//jeffie//sam//fat,sick & nearly dead//
the other day someone asked me what i did on the weekend and for the life of my i couldn't remember. so what did i do? went to my phone and looked at my pictures and sure enough i remembered.  sometimes i wonder if my phone didn't have a camera on it if i would actually have my normal camera tag along with me every where i go and document my life as well as i do. i am sure glad i do though because i love capturing the little moments in life :)


Amanda Schroeder said...

You're cute. And those little moments of your life are beautiful! Love ya long time!

Ana from Sweet Serendipity said...

I love following you on instagram and always seeing your fun pictures! :) I need to watch that documentary on netflix. I'm intrigued. lol


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