July 8, 2013

may happenings

this year is passing right before my eyes and i'm afraid if i don't hurry and catch up with all that i've done i'll just get even more behind on my blog.. so here goes nothing!

my good friend ashton and her little girl came up to orem one weekend and we went to my old dance studios end of the year show. it was so great to see ashton! i hadn't seen her in a few years. she and i danced together in college and used to spend a lot of time together. we had a great time enjoying center stage's production. i love seeing old friends and getting to meet their littles!

my best friend caitlyn bought a puppy! her name is maya. she is the cutest little Golden retriever. i instantly fell in love with her. i really didn't think i could love a dog so much again after my dog died when i was in junior high. but i sure do love maya. she just melts my heart! it's so fun to be able to go over and play with her. isn't she adorable?

one of my best friends brady finally got home from his internship in Thailand! he goes to school about 2 1/2 hours away and we get to hang out at least once a month so it was exciting to have him back! i also dd my roomies hair/makeup for a photo session i did. i summer time photo sessions.
allie and i went out one night the "the slab" pizza here in provo. it was so awesome. i will for sure be back! we ate outside which always makes me happy. it's always fun to go out with allie since shes married and has a Little one we don't get to do it enough. we ended the night of course at the mall as per usual.

once again i went to the darker side.
welcome to my indecisive hair life.
(and green contacts)
sam and i went to ephraim to kileys baby shower! it was so fun to finally see her after about six months. i had missed her so much. i love reminiscing about all of our good times in ephraim. being back there makes me feel old. i can't believe it's already been five years since i lived there. it will always hold a special place in my heart.
i made my very first rhubarb strawberry pie. under supervision of my mother of course. it was delish. i will dedicate an entire blog post to the pie and share the recipe with you, don't you even worry.
celebrated my cute cousins birthday at work! i love that we get to work together.
tiff and i ventured up to heber one day after work to see jill. i love these girls so much! i am so blessed with great friends. jill and i have known each other since 7th grade and i met tiff in college. we went to a local place to eat and just enjoyed the evening talking and catching up. i forgot how much i love heber and small towns.
memorial day weekend was spent relaxing. it was so nice to just do whatever i wanted and finally have a day off of work. i didn't let myself work on photography either. i slept in, got kneaders breakfast, took naps, went for walks, went shopping, got take out, watched a LOT of gossip girl, got a pedi/mani,watched the bachelorette. i got to go visit my grandfathers grave. my mothers father is buried in the most beautiful cemetery in provo. i love how peaceful it is. it even has a pretty overlook of the valley. i love going up there and remembering the stories my mom has shared with me. i was only three years old when he passed and only have one vague memory of him. i love how he kept a faithful journal so i can read more about his wonderful life. he has inspired me to keep one too.
 kierst and i try to do sunday dinners or get together at some point during the week!

one evening tate & i went up the canyon and had a picnic. i try to spend as much time as i can up the canyon. it is my fave.also, maya loves me. she is hilarious!
if you survived this far.. you rock. my life is a little hectic and crazy but i love it.

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Amy Harris said...

time seriously is FLYING by. i feel like i have ten million things to blog about and no time to do it. haha looks like you had a fun month of may :)


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