August 1, 2013

reveal the dress.

When my friend Melissa got engaged she asked me if I would do a reveal the dress photo session with her! I have always wanted to do one so of course I said yes! It was such a fun and exciting session. It was so sweet the smile on Johns face when he opened his eyes & saw Melissa in her dress for the first time,it was magical. Melissa's dress was stunning!
I feel like the past several months have been all things wedding. With Melissa's wedding, two of my roommates getting engaged and another one of my best friends getting married! I've always been so obsessed with weddings that I love chatting dresses, rings, venues, colors, themes, ideas, etc etc etc. My friends always tease me because I have always have had a vision for what I want my wedding to be like that when they don't really know I am always like, "what! you've never thought about this before?"  (maybe that's what comes with being the youngest of 7 and someone was always planning?!) plus me being me and detail oriented person i am i just love anything to do with planning. Also, being in the photography business I have come to find what I do and do not like when it comes to wedding. I love how unique  every wedding is & how everyone can make it to reflect their personality.

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Amanda Schroeder said...

Ash you are so talented! These are beautiful pictures and what a beautiful bride!


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