October 25, 2013

just another sometimes post.

sometimes i get starbucks on my way to work for surviving the week. hello, vanilla white hot chocolate.

sometimes my roomie decorates for halloween. & burns a candle that smells like autumn. and it feels like home.

sometimes i don't wear makeup at work. and when i say sometimes i mean 4/5 days this week.

sometimes i have photo sessions six nights in a row.

sometimes my roots in my hair are so ashy looking they look grey & i haven't gotten my hair done since august.

sometimes this girl inspires me. okay, actually all the time!

and sometimes this girl opens up the cutest shop & i got to take the product pictures. so so fun.

sometimes i start a new journal and it's the best feeling ever.

sometimes i don't cook dinner for a week. oops. i guess that's what happens when your working full time and running your own business.

sometimes i meet my favorite singer.and it was hands down the best day ever.

sometimes life is just beautiful.

sometimes i am very happy it's the weekend.
happy weekend, friends!

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