January 23, 2014

Night Ramblings

-It's already starting to feel like Valentines in these neck of the woods. My roommate always makes the cutest banners & decorations for our apartment. I love the homey feeling it gives our little space.
-I feel like the older I get the faster time is flying by. Where has January gone? And have I really only blogged like once?
-Speaking of getting older this week I have had this conversation several times, "REALLY?? You're 25 almost 26? I never would have guessed that!!!"  So either I look younger than my age, or people these days are just extra nice! I guess i'll take it as a compliment?
-My new years goals are still going strong! Which makes me a happy camper. I will report back in a different post one of the hardest yest most fulfilling goals I have achieved this month!
-My parents started remodeling their mail level of their house. As excited as I am for a new fun change for them it's just crazy to think that my future children won't see the house exactly how it was when I grew up in it. And that just breaks my heart a little.
-It is a small small world. I made some crazy connections with some people I met this week that they grew up with people I knew.
-I saved a lady that fell out of her car onto the ice and talked to 911. So,I guess you could say i'm now a superhero.
-I have had writers block for so long and it feels good to just write as I think.
-I may be having some exciting changes in the next few months. Decisions are so hard, yet so exciting!
-I have been drinking a lot more water lately, and that my friends is a huge accomplishment!
-Jeff is in town. And that always makes my heart happy!
-I've been watching Fresh Prince this week while editing, and that itself is just amazing.
-I got to spend time with some blog friends last week & it was epic. (more on that later!)
-I decided I hate awkward elevator happenings. Maybe i'll start talking the stairs?
-Last thought of the night goes to the fact that it's freezing outside and yet I still open my window to my bedroom to cool off my room before I go to bed. You would have thought I grew up in a cold dark basement or something? ;)

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brlracincwgrl said...

That banner is so cute! I love holiday decorations, no matter the occasion.


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