February 28, 2015

How We Wore It // Fashion Collaboration

I'm excited to be teaming up for a "How We Wore It" Collaboration. One of my favorite parts of blogging is doing these collaborations with bloggers that I know and love. Pictured below is the lovely Sasha of Moiology! She was our outfit inspiration. 

via Moiology

When I saw the lovely Sasha's perfect outfit I loved that it was so simple, comfy, yet stylish! I'm obsessed with stripes so I adored her outfit from the get go. My take on it was a bit different. I of course had to pop in some bright color! I am a sucker for bright colors as we transition into springtime. Let's face it I pretty much look like I probably attend hair school or something during the fall and winter for how much black I wear. It was refreshing to throw some color on. And to add a little more "me" to the mix I had to include my Target booties that have been a staple this winter as well as my hat! (oh, and bright lips! duh!)

What happens when you have a full time job, a side business and it's been a crazy couple of weeks?? Well you procrastinate things that you've been meaning to do!! Like take pictures during the day when it's light outside. So I present to you night time pictures,.on the stairs by my condo. You're welcome :)

Now go take a look at these beautiful ladies!!

Brooke at Silver Lining
Deidre at Deidre We
Brielle at Ready or Not
Laura at Sincerely, Laura
Brooklyn at A Little Too Jolley
Ashley at Absolutely Ashley
Bonnie at The Life of Bon
Bri at Breezy Days
Alexa at He and I

Thanks Brooke for putting together such a wonderful collaboration. xo


Brooke @ Silver Lining said...

Oooooh that hat is perfection. And you always have the perfect lip color! So glad you joined me in this little collab!

Emily Osborne said...

aww! love this! such a fun collaboration!

Aubrey said...

love your outfit so much, and i especially love the hair school line. you're hilarious! also i was just thinking tonight that i need to see you soon.


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