April 10, 2008


One of my favorite things about SNOW is how big of a deal homecoming is... the parade, the bbq, the game, the dance. I love the parade because it is such a small town thing, EVERYONE, and I mean everyone is there! It's great. We rode in the back of my coaches truck and passed out candy. Then it was time to head to the game! Of course by half time we were killing the other team. We performed a routine that Lindee and I had chreographed. We did a kickline to ACDC's thunderstruck. It went awesome. Then after the game we all went home and rested before the big night. Instead of having some formal date, a bunch of us just decided to go in a big group! It was so much fun. We went to a nice restraunt in Manti then headed to show off our moves at the GSC! Then after the dance we all just went and put sweats on and had another dance party!I will definatly miss allt he good times and activites that SNOW has. I love the feel that it is so small and you don't necessarily KNOW everyone, but you know OF them, or you have seen them before. Also for the game Mom and Dad brought Rob and Colt down! It was so fun to see them and I loved when my fam came to see me dance! Thanks Mom and Dad for all your love and support these past two years! I love yoU!


Becky said...

such fun pix! homecoming is always so fun!

megship said...

That is exactly how I would want to do it too! Forget the date! You look beautiful, by the way!

The Carpenter Family said...

Love those pix! I want a CD with the pictures of all my kids that you have!!! Glad you have such wonderful memories! loves!

brookiebaby said...

Hi Sweetie!
Love your blog! Be sure to add me so that we can keep in touch! Your blog is making ME miss Snow! It will seriously be some of the best memories that you will remember for the rest of your life. And, when you are old and 26, you can pass on your wisdom to college students about "your days" at Snow! Ha Ha!!!!
Brooke (Heath)

brookiebaby said...

I promise I'm not stalking you! :)FYI: I changed our web address so that it doesn't have our last name anymore. It's now:
ry4nandbr00ke.blogspot.com (use the number 00 instead of oo)
Just thought I'd let you know!
Take Care!


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