October 21, 2008


My Best Friend from College got married on October 17Th!!! I am so happy for her. It was a beautiful day and she looked so gorgeous all in white :) Everything went perfect and it was fun for Sam and I to be there for everything.

We had a lot of spare time throughout the day before the luncheon and before the reception so we went on a few adventures...

THE reception:

I spent the night at Kati Jo's and it was so fun to spend another weekend with her! She's the best and so kind to let me stay. She even re taught me to drive a stick...lets just say that there was a lot of laughing. I also got to hang out one of my closest guy friends from Senior Year, Sam. We always are laughing and have always are so funny since we've been friends for so long. Sorry for so many pictures!!! It was a long fun day :)

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