October 21, 2008


Ash and I had a great time at ROCK BAND LIVE! I was so ready for this day to be here. If you know me well, you know Dashboard is my favorite band. I could have listened to them all night long(Although the other bands were really good as well) I didn't want them to stop playing. Rock Band Live's tour included THE CAB, Plain White T's, Dashboard Confessional, and Panic at the Disco! Ash is now in love with The Cab! They are so great!Between bands they had groups of people up on stage who had entered in a contest to play ROCK BAND against each other. It was hilarious.Chris is my favorite entertainer...he even sang SO WHAT by Pink. It was really funny. Ash and I even got matching Dashboard Shirts :)oh and not to mention, we were REALLY CLOSE, gotta love GA. Next concert....Metro station! woot woot!

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ashley.warner said...

I loved this concert - one of the best I have been to! Even though we got slightly 'hot boxed' by that nasty greasy haired man! ewww!
I love THE CAB and I loved the whole concert! It was a royal blaST!

oNto MeTro sTaTiON baby! Then...Neyo/New Kids on the BLock... woot


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