October 8, 2008

A Time For Us FOREVER...

It all started with a knock on the door...(Dad and his buddy pretending to be Mom and her roommates "home teachers")...the rest is history.

38 years
7 kids
13 3/4 grand kids

Happy 38Th Anniversary Mom and Dad!!! That is so wonderful. I am truly blessed to have such great parents! I love the both of them more than words can express. They are always willing to do anything for me and have sacrificed so much. They both are so strong in the church and have always been my biggest examples and influences in my life. Dad is so hardworking and caring. Mom has become one of my best friends over the years. She is so talented in all she does.(not to mention the best cook!) I think they are the cutest parents ever! Thanks for all you do for all of us. I love you Mom and Dad.

Here are some fun facts about their special day:
They were married on October 9Th, 1970 at 9:00 AM in the Salt Lake Temple.
It rained.
The reception was held at Grandma & Grandpa Johnson's house in Provo.
Mom's wedding colors were baby blue and pale yellow.
Mom had her favorite flower, Lily of the Valley on the fabric of her wedding gown (which she made!).
Dad wore the traditional tux.
Dad was 23.
Mom was 19.
Their 3 tiered wedding cake was from the Provo Bakery. It was white with baby blue and yellow decorations.
They honeymooned in Salt Lake, Yellowstone,Jackson Hole, Las Vegas, and San Diego!
And they also had an open house in San Diego at Grandpa & Grandma Shippen's house.
Their first apartment was in San Diego.



ashley.warner said...

This is great! Bob and Bev are adorable! :) tell them happy 38th for me!

Jen said...

Love it, I totally love it!!! They are darling, and the best ever!

Beverly said...


That was wonderful and so sweet of you to remember our Anniversary by doing this post. Thank you so much and I love you so very much too!


Connor and Shayla Egan said...

funny story! Your parent met when your dad and his friend were "pretending" to be your mom's home teachers... Thats exactly how Connor and I met!!!! Small world!

megship said...

Holy crap!!! Those pictures are awesome! And Bev has great taste in colors since those were MY wedding colors too! Funny how things come back around years later. I cannot believe how much Ty looks like his dad, wow.

allie and jeff said...

i love your mother's hair! congrats to them.


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