December 18, 2008

2nd Annual Drill Christmas Get Together

2005-2006 Timpsichoreans

The high school drill crew went out to Goodwood for our Christmas get together that we decided to have every year. It was fun to see a lot of the girls. Some of them I hadn't seen since I graduated and even my closest ones I hadn't seen in a few months. It's fun to see what everyone is up to now and what they are doing with their lives.I love my drilly girls. I totally miss the days of being at the school at 5:30 to go running and condition and run through our competition routines. Those were the days!

1 comment

sTeVeNaNdDaNielle said...

Ha! its true. who doesnt love waking up at 5 am for a good brisk run? Hmmmmm. oh i know, ME!!! mememememe! i do give you girls alot of credit for the pure dedication!


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