December 22, 2008

Jay & Melissas Family Pics

Okay, so I have been DYING to post these :)
I took my Brothers family pictures a few months back...
I loved how they turned out. It was my first family shoot and I was very proud of myself. Shooting family pictures is so much harder than you think. It was really hard to get all the kids looking at me and not only looking, but Smiling all at once. It was also a pretty cold day and the kids were troopers! I had so much fun taking these!I think it was even more fun since it was my brothers family,and they have the cutest kids ever! Thanks Jay and Melis!

Which ones are your favorite ?
I had many, so I posted lots. Enjoy.

1 comment

Becky said...

these look great ash!

i want an update update NOW.


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