February 10, 2009

summer please come fast

Dear Summertime,
please come fast. its too cold and were sick of it.
ashley & danielle

sandcastles-the beach-hiking-running outside- sunflowers-flip flops-shorts-slurpees-sunday walks-the heat-swimming pools-laying out-7peaks-watermelon-fireworks-my birthday-danielles birthday-4th of july and 24th of july-family bbq's-parade- orem summerfest-tank tops-fresh fruit-tubbing down the provo river-boating-manti pageant-rodeos-fourwheeling-sunglasses-bonfires-smores-lagoon-climbing trees-picnics


Anonymous said...

camping-the zoo-driving with the windows rolled down-laying on the grass at night-sleeping with the window open-your birthday-my birthday-kickball-slip&slides-going barefoot-your birthday-my birthday-sprinklers-tans-sunburns-sunscreen-new swimsuit shopping-going to old navy to buy flipflops and they are sold out of white and your size-washing my own car-my birhtday-your birthday-, oh wait i think i mentioned those. concerts at usana(kenny) -not having to scrap frost off your windows-being warm-the sun shining-our birthdays.

Caitlyn Andrus said...

Just come to Hawaii YO!!

ashley.warner said...

Yo, I agree with Caitlyn...
Waddaya say we leave for HAwaIi?! PLEASE! I wouLd LoVE LOve lOVE LOVe LOVE to go!! Please! hehe


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