February 9, 2010


Story time.
Me and my eye have not been getting along lately. She has not been good to me and has given me pink eye several times over the past 7 months. No bueno. It will start to go away and then come back. I have sanitized. Not worn makeup. Went to the doctor a handful of times. Tried drops. Etc. Finally the pink eye part went away and now my Right eye just looks lazy (boo.) and won't stop watering. And just hurts.

So Last week i went to the EYE doc. He said I had a really bad infection (i can't remember what he called it)-and that it was weird that it was only in the Right eye. He gave me drops that have steroids in them. (freaked me right out. My eye is going to be pretty toned!)

(at my visit-hey i get kinda bored waiting..)

Moral of the story. Me and my JLo glasses will be seeing a lot of you- So get excited.


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